In navigating our lives throughout this time, we have on earth, we are sustained by blessings and provisions bestowed upon us by Allah SWT called RIZQ (rezeki). Rizq by definition is anything that brings benefits or goodness to us. Often interpreted as money, food or work; rizq in the real sense of the word encompasses wealth, family ties, spirituality, our faith, intellect, health and everything beneficial to help fulfil duties and obligations towards Allah SWT. In tomorrow’s context, the rizq we are discussing are our businesses, career and finances. Since our businesses, career and finances play a huge part in the sustenance of our lives, it is very important that we have faith in these particular parts of our rizq.

Aside from Allah SWT, you yourself are also a guiding force when it comes to determining your life’s direction. Hence, belief in SELF is integral. Self can be interpreted as self-fulfilment. What is self-fulfilment: self-fulfilment is the feeling of being happy and satisfied because you are doing something that fully uses your abilities and talents.

Self-fulfilment is important because it is an important component leading into feelings such as hope, joy, gratitude and love. Another facet of self is how you ultimately treat yourself, how you treat this body you’re in. How fit and healthy you keep yourself. Fitness and health are important not just to keep diseases away, but also to feel better about yourself, which helps you take on any challenges that might be up ahead. Having faith in self which in this context is self-fulfilment and your own fitness and health is important in a way that it puts yourself in a very advantageous mental and physical position to be all you aspire to be.

These 2 are the final SECRET to BALANCE HEREAFTER. Dr. Leez are excited to talk about it for her final FB Live Ramadhan series ❤

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