Professionally, it is becoming more of a challenge to acknowledge yourself as an effective leader and to differentiate yourself when there are so many others who claim can be a good mentor or coach.

This can be overwhelming if you don’t feel like you have done enough, know enough or have enough current skills to stand-out. How can you compete? How can you improve?

Personally, you need to be confident, resilient and resourceful to adapt to his ever-demanding competitive world. This can be a challenge if self-doubt, insecurities and fears block you. How can you rise above these obstacles?


PMC is a certification course under Women Mentoring Network (WMN) Series. It is a Two (2) days course with aim to provide you with overview of leadership skills, clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations as leader of the day, regardless of the size of organization that you headed on.

We developed this comprehensive Professional Mentoring Certification course so you can niche in this High-Demand area and become a successful leader, mentor & coach in and around your circle and organization.

In two days, course, you will learn, among others:

  1. The importance of leadership-setting the stage;
  2. Role as a leader in creating a winning team;
  3. Leaders as mentors & coaches for team performance and growth

At the end of the course, you will be:

  • Able to inculcate a culture of excellence and performance by inspiring others to be exceptional and effective leaders through aligning people’s talents, strengths, skills and goals.
  • Able to evaluate your people purpose and goals in life through mentoring and coaching them to have a greater purpose in life to achieve a balance and fulfilling life.

If you have either of this, then this course is most suitable to you:

  • You want to learn how to become, successful in your life especially in the area of managing people around you;
  • You want to learn to lead your people through mentoring and coaching;
  • You want to motivate your people to be successful and balance in their life

SO, ASK YOURSELF! ARE YOU READY to do something more meaningful with your life?

Something that makes an impact and leaves a lasting legacy with your name written all over it?

Whatever your reason and mission, you will find this course will support your purpose.