To have a correct mind-set is the key to have a positive life where we can overcome and obstacles and challenges with a great strength within us because WE ARE PREPARED!

If our mind is not strong as our body and soul, we are always unprepared and will still easily feel defeated and demotivated till we struggle with our stress and failures

So, this is SO IMPORTANT!

Growth mind-set & to feel empowered might seem overwhelming, but with the right tools and way every can do it!

Let’s listen from our Business Coach, Mentor & Speaker, Dr. Raja Yasmin on “How to Achieve a Growth Mindset and Feel Empowered”

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“You are the one who should love yourself in this world – Take care of it!”

How many of you don’t feel like you want to do things out there?

How many of you feel lazy to start your day?

Can you be positive every single day?

Or you can just fake it out?

Dr. Raja Yasmin going to show you the basics of what a Growth Mindset is and how it can help you achieve your goals. You’ll learn how to be more productive and feel empowered because of the progress you will make. In this video she shared her PERSONAL EXPERIENCE to show you how a growth mindset can help you feel empowered and get the most out of every day. She talks about the hard lessons learned from a 5-DOLLAR COINS!


Some of the Questions being asked:

  1. Why are so many people unhappy and stress?
  2. What is growth mindset and how to achieve it?
  3. Do we have the power to control our mind and how we feel?
  4. How does growth mindset help achieve my goals and dreams?
  5. How to empower myself and others during tough times?

There are some sharing technique by Dr. Yasmin on how to relaxing our body and our state of mind too. We know to get a correct mindset is SO difficult. We show you some useful method and in sha Allah it will helps you =)

ADLA | | FB: Women Mentoring Network | IG: adla_group

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