Datin Dr Hasnorliza Abu Hassan also fondly known as Datin Dr Leez Hassan is an award winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, mentor, and owner of three successful businesses in three different industries with over 20 years wealth of experience in both the corporate and the business world.

She incorporated the ADLA Business School to empower new entrepreneurs, start ups and future leaders with applicable knowledge and systems so they can start their business on a firm path and minimize the risk of failures in their first three years of venture.

Her research paper entitled “The Growth of the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business in Malaysia: The Need for Technical Specialization in the Industry” sparked the inception of Sparkleen, a premier brand in dry cleaning and laundry franchisor chain of outlets in 2007.

Her passion for fashion and retail led her to set up Leezarra – a modest fashion and lifestyle brand for the busy modern women. Leezarra thrives through a physical boutique in Ampang Point shopping center and an online ecommerce platform with eyes set on expanding internationally.

Datin Leez is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and having a work life balance. She strongly holds on to the five pillars of priority in her life, where the Creator is placed first, followed by family and self, and lastly her business and network/social life.

As a businesswoman who embodies the ‘work-life-balance’, further strengthened by an immaculate reputation and years of experience in the business world, her achievements so far would be beneficial and inspiring to the new aspiring entrepreneurs.

She also created a program called ‘So You Think You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?’ and the S.A.F.E.R System business module which she will share it in her upcoming book ‘The Millennial’s Guide to Building Business Right’ to empower up-and-coming millennials as well as women in the business field.

Her mission is to spread her empowering message to the new generations, so together, we can build a better tomorrow, today. She believes that business or entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to achieve a work life balance so people can focus on what matters most-their faith, their family, themselves and the community.

Moving towards her mission to empower women and aspiring entrepreneurs, she was awarded as Ikon Usahawan Memperkasakan Wanita by Anugerah Personaliti Industri & Keusahawanan 2017 and Masterclass Emerging Entrepreneur by Selangor Business Excellence Award 2016.


  • A guest lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) for ‘Train and Place Programme’ supporting the Ministry of Human Resources and Employment, Malaysia.
  • Speaker on “Woman as Global Entrepreneurs. Franchising: Global Business Opportunity for Women” in support of NAM Institute for Empowerment of Woman under Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.
  • Recipient of Ikon Usahawan Memperkasakan Wanita by Anugerah Personaliti Industri Dan Keusahawanan 2017.
  • Recipient of prestigious Malaysian Women of Excellence 2014 award.
  • Recipient of Emerging Entrepreneur (Masterclass) award by Selangor Excellence Business Award 2016, organized by Dewan Perbadanan Melayu Malaysia.
  • Columnist for International Council For SME & Entrepreneurship Malaysia (ICSMEE) newsletter.
  • Panelist for 2017 GEM Annual Meeting (Global Entrepreneur Monitor Report 2016/2017), representing ICSMEE.
  • Founder of ‘Spread Love’, a corporate social responsibility campaign.
  • Work-life balance advocator and ambassador for ‘The Asean Work-Life Balance Project’.
  • Secretary General for MyWin Academy alumni, an avant­-garde institution that drives transformative innovation to empower women in leadership and entrepreneurship.
  • A mentor for Cherie Blaire Foundation.
  • A keynote speaker for Women In Leadership Forum, specifically talking about Work-Life Balance for ‘Accelerating Life’, organized by Malaysian Institute of Management.
  • Launched #SpreadLove campaign and ‘Projek Memperkasakan Ibu Tunggal’ to move towards her effort in empowering women.



Inspired by her self-authored book on entrepreneurship and start-ups, Datin Leez set up an entrepreneur school named “ADLA” to educate, empower and support aspiring entrepreneurs in pursuing success in life and business.

ADLA is a work-life balance school for entrepreneurs to learn, embrace and develop entrepreneurship skills and knowledge to succeed in business and life. The mission is to inspire women to have high self worth and esteem by having a work life balance approach in doing businesses they love, so they can positively impact their world.

ADLA’s vision is to be an inspiring hub where women can thrive by advocating the ideal work life balance and empowering each other. With ADLA inception, Datin Dr Leez believes she can share, contribute in building entrepreneur’s wealth and empowering entrepreneurs development growth with greater consistency.


Leezarra is the brainchild of Datin Dr Leez Hassan, offering a wide range of apparel and accessories. A style enthusiast herself, the Datin has made it her personal quest to bridge the gap and find the delicate balance between traditional and contemporary couture. It is upon these values that the Leezarra line was based on.

Modern, streamlined and simply to die for, the latest range cuts a formidable figure, offering a stunning selection of ready-to-wear favourites: sophisticated baju kurungs, airy relaxed kaftans and graceful flowy abayas. These delectable dresses come in a medley of winning designs, all available in batik, crepe or chiffon.

In keeping with the belief that too much of a good thing is wonderful, Leezarra also offers a range of scarves and headdresses under the SHARLEEZ line as well as SHE, a collection of fun casual tops, blouses and outerwear for the fashionista in you!


Datin Dr Leez Hassan pursued her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business Management from Warnborough College, Ireland UK, where she wrote and published “The Growth of the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business in Malaysia: The Need for Technical Specialisation in the Industry”, as she believes there is a growth potential for future individuals to be educated in areas of garment handling and as business opportunity, by the look how Malaysians busy lifestyle is progressing in line of the expansion within the garment, fashion and apparels industry.

That is when is formed Sparkleen as a highly dedicated to providing superior, express and personalized dry cleaning and laundry services to its customers. As a member of The Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute ( DLI ), Sparkleen apply the highest standard of operations and services to meet customers prefereneces. In return, customers satisfaction will be served.

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