Exclusive Group Coaching 2.0

Sometimes an area of your life—or perhaps more than one—has gone completely off track and makes you feel bogged down and like you just can’t move forward. If this is the case, instead of making small changes here and there, you may want to wipe the slate clean and simply restart in that area of your life.

Due to overwhelming demand, we are bringing back COMPLIMENTARY: EXCLUSIVE ONLINE GROUP COACHING by Dr Leez. Discover the correct pathway to RESTARTING YOUR LIFE by coming to my SPECIAL LIVE EXCLUSIVE GROUP COACHING 2.0 session.

I will share a lot of tips and steps you needed to restart your life. It’s a FREE REGISTRATION! So, don’t miss out and SIGN UP NOW at the link on my profile or retype this link:

I believe with the correct intention and initiatives; Allah will help us. This is one of the steps ❤ Lets do this! See you there!


Registration Closed: 16th June 2020

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