Kesan Covid-19 Ke Atas Ekonomi & Kewangan Peribadi

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts the Covid-19 pandemic will trigger a global economic downturn by 2020. Restrictions on movement by most countries affected by the Covid-19 epidemic increase pressure on economic activity, falling sharply, affecting personal finances and supplies and chains value is disturbed.

Join Dr. Leez Hassan with his special guest Prof. Madya. Dr. Madeline Berma, as an economist that will cover this topic and share her knowledge on our FB Live.

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Ramadhan Series : Faith in Humanity, Family, Friends & Community

[THE SECRET OF BALANCED LIFE TO BALANCE HEREAFTER : Mind Evolution (FB Live Ramadhan Series 2)] ❤
This is a #PKPB phase. A new norm, PM call it. It is driving us nuts to wonder everyday : when is this gonna end? Pretty anxious to think about irresponsible people who simply abandon the rules, like nothing happen?
However, we do have faith in our citizen. We do have faith in our frontliners. And we have faith that we can end this soon! Join me on FB Live to talk about it more


Ramadhan Series : Ibadah Ketika Darurat

Alhamdulillah, we have entered the second phase in this glorious month of Ramadan. Let us take the opportunity and space available in this month of Ramadan to continue to pursue the rewards that Allah has promised.

We have invited Ustazah Asni Mansor to share knowledge in this glorious month.




Ramadhan Series : The World of Balance and Faith

In keeping with the positive vibe of this blessed Ramadhan, we cordially invite you to join the MIND EVOLUTION (Ramadhan Series) FB Live Session by our founder Dr Leez Hassan which will focusing on discussions concerning THE SECRET OF BALANCED LIFE TO BALANCE HEREAFTER.


Ramadhan Series : Hikmah Disebalik PKP

Ramadan is back again but this time it is a little different from previous years due to the disaster that hit the whole world. There is no more Ramadan bazaar, no more tarawih congregational prayers and no more iftar & sahur together at the mosque or surau. However, fasting must still be performed as usual. What is the wisdom behind all the calamities that befell this month of Ramadan?

Follow our dhuha lecture with Ustaz Izmir Fareez to discuss more on this topic.


Business Reboot

It’s a previously unimaginable hit. The Covid-19 crisis has brought many sectors of the global economy to a halt. Firms in these sectors have no revenues while the lockdown is in place, yet they still pay salaries, rents, etc.

Therefore, something has to be done to keep businesses afloat. It’s not a right time for you to stay home and enjoy your ‘holiday’. It’s time to REBOOT Your Business. Let’s reset, rejuvenate, restore and revive together 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Join Datin Dr. Leez Hassan with her special guest Master Christopher in Zoom on this Wednesday. They will be discussing about this issue and how to REBOOT your MINDSET in order to RESTART your BUSINESS.

Registration Closed: 20 April 2020

Perkongsian Pakar : Bagaimana Nak Survive Semasa Pandemik

The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world, including Malaysia, is a health crisis that threatens the survival and well-being of society.

Certainly, many workers are in fear and many are also entrepreneurs in a dilemma with this issue such as the health industry, retail, food delivery and others. But, on average, the indirect effects such as buyer power that are becoming less and less during this crisis, have had an impact on most businesses.

Therefore, we bring a special HR Specialist, Mrs. Salwa to discuss this issue together with Dr. Leez on our Facebook Live.


Bina Branding Bina Income

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon once said; “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.”

Customers are more likely to buy from companies or brands they know. If your branding is consistent and easily recognizable, this can help customers feel more comfortable and confident in buying your product or service.

Datin Dr. Leez Hassan and his special guest KD Bling Boss as a ‘branding’ expert who was specially invited as a guest will discuss this topic on Facebook Live. Lots of information, tips and ideas to be shared.


Cabaran Memulakan Perniagaan Baru Semasa PKP

As we all know, PKP is extended and during this PKP no shops or businesses are allowed to open except necessities. Therefore, many have tried or moved to a new business that involves necessities and some even intend to start a business but are stuck in the middle of the road.

How to start? Any buyer? How to run a new business?

Many questions will be answered by Datin Dr. Leez Hassan with two entrepreneurs who managed to start a new business during the PKP, namely Mrs. Nadia Abas & Mrs. Nasyrah Hanim.


Strategi Digital Untuk Adaptasi Bisnes

Today, companies of all shapes and sizes are beginning to use digital technology to bypass the boundaries of the physical world. There are many reasons why companies make these changes, some because they chase speed and agility, some because they want to save costs, some even because they have to because of the situation hit by the world.

Datin Dr. Leez along with two panels who are highly experienced in digital business will explore this topic further.