“ADLA” stands for Advisory, Development, Learning & Achievement, which forms the solid base and foundation of a viable entreprenuerial eco-system to meet its objective.

Our mission is to accelerate entrepreneurs growth, broaden untapped resources and opportunities as well as assist to sustain their invested returns.


    We believe every stages in life or business progression requires a true and trustable support where he or she can go to for help and advice. Many a times, these journey is difficult to go through alone.

    In ADLA, we extend our expert advice via our online or offline consultation to those in need who wishes to talk, discuss and plan what’s best for him/her to start on next, should he/she wishes to venture in to the world of entrepreneurship.

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    Progression is ADLA’s key focus. It is our desire to see each person who starts with nothing, will have equal opportunity to grow consistently where their heart desires and succeed in areas of their passion and strength.

    In ADLA, we encourage everyone to upscale their value, grow and advance within ADLA’s resources in place.

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    Learning covers all aspects in life which is a continuous journey. However, by learning alone, it will not guarantee a spot for success. Growing is.

    In ADLA, we ensure participants accelerate ‘learn to grow’ concept as their key to accelerate next achievement towards success.

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    A notable success is not measured by how many people know you or how much money you make. It is by how congruent you are, knowing you are working in line towards an achievement.

    We want to build that in ADLA in every step you take. We like you to experience your achievement as you step up, big or small, to inspire and impact many others to follow your steps.

    Your achievement is our success.

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