Leading a family business can be a complex affair. “Family” and “business” are intertwined into a mix of business challenges, family values, and generational differences – meaning that the issues faced by a family business are often more diverse and complicated than those faced by other companies.

Every business face challenges. Every business owner must deal with issues and problems in the course of building and running a successful operation. In many ways though, the challenges—and advantages—in a family business are unique.

One of the key factors for ensuring a successful family business is the understanding by everyone involved that, at work, the success of the business must be paramount.

Join us this on this week’s WMN Talk Series with Msia’s premier all-natural-based product manufacturer and exporter (TANAMERA), Madam Faridah Binti Ahmad Fadzil, the Director of TANAMERA Group Sdn. Bhd.

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“Malaysian roots” – this is a phrase that rings true with us, the young generation of Malaysians. The phrase contains a lot of emotions that are difficult to articulate. It’s the feeling of belonging, the sense of pride, the knowledge of history and tradition. The Malaysian roots are deep and strong. This is what makes Malaysians unique.

“One of the biggest challenges is to maintain a level of family harmony and unity,” says Runa Choudhury, the director of the Family Business Management Center at Cal State, Hayward. “A lot of that falls into how we deal with conflict and how we handle disagreements.

How Puan Faridah deal with it? Are there any sharing tips?


Some of the Questions being asked:

  1. What makes your brand uniquely Malaysian?
  2. What are the challenges you faced being a Malaysian brand?
  3. What are the plus and minus being a family business?
  4. Where do you see your brand and yourself in the future?
  5. What are the challenges you faced during the pandemic and how do you navigate the troubled waters?

ADLA | | FB: Women Mentoring Network | IG: adla_group

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